The moment is nigh. We have waited with bated breath for all these years, watching and rewatching our favorite grainy (or digitally remastered for some lucky ducks) episodes.  Starting July 5th at 3 am Pacific Time our wishes will be filled. That is only 9 DAYS AWAY PEOPLE.

You can stream episodes on Hulu or CrunchyRoll for FREE. I will be live-Tweeting the episode under #MoonCrystalPremier with my fellow fanpeople. You are all invited! Follow me on Twitter at @LindseyNLoree

In the meantime, try to satiate yourself with this extended preview ~

A brief aside – I do want it put on the record that I am disappointed that the characters look SO THIN. They have given them the Winx Club treatment. Yes, I have read the original manga (purchased in Japan and read it in Japanese no less) and I realize that this is more in line with the style of the manga, but I am disappointed all the same.


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7 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Viewing Party! Begin the Countdown

  1. omg I’m so glad that they remade this series it made my day fun to re-watch sailor moon again in beautiful quality! I just hope they’ll make all 5 arcs so I can see the outer senshis!


    1. Winx Club used to be a guilty pleasure, but it is ridiculous how they look. I worry for the younger girls who don’t have the world experience to realize how distorted what they are watching is


      1. It was a guilty pleasure of mine, too. I have a soft spot for any magical girl cartoon. It’s a shame the new Sailor Moon tends to that creepy-skinny style; I find the Sailor Scouts way sexy BECAUSE they have some actual curves and, you know… flesh.

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        1. I definitely agree. They look weaker this way. Like a strong breeze could knock them down. The older style felt more grounded in reality. Sure, they were thin, but they were well proportioned.


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