“The Girl on the Train” is Intense

Critics are raving about The Girl on the Train, and after three days of white-knuckle reading and hastily digested chapters on my lunch break, they are right to be. Author Paula Hawkins throws an alcoholic, makes-all-bad-decisions, divorcee protagonist straight into a train station, where, on that very same night, a woman ends up murdered. Haphazard… Read More

The Governess Did It!: Women Writing Mysteries

I “discovered” Sue Grafton a couple months ago when I started listening to audiobooks in my car. I inherited a love of mystery novels from my grandma and recognized Grafton’s books from my grandma’s bookshelves long ago. After zipping through two novels, I was 100% in love with Kinsey Millhone and started to wonder about… Read More

The Shining Girls: A Feminist Time Travel Murder Mystery

I picked up this book on a whim while perusing the fiction/scifi section at my local library. I’m not usually one to read murder mysteries or thrillers, so the fact I walked out of the building with this book in hand is a testament to the cover art and book description: In Depression-era Chicago, Harper… Read More