A Glance at Women in Gaming History

In respect to women’s history month, I would like to take a look at a history that is less well-known: gaming history. Though it is fairly recent, modern history has its place. It was difficult to dig up information concerning women in gaming history because of the length of time and lack of relevant information.… Read More

Forget Pride and Prejudice, Watch Belle

If you celebrated Women’s History Month by exclusively watching period dramas, I can’t say I blame you. There’s something fascinating about watching women from “back in the day” navigate the tricky waters of a restrictive society, all while exquisitely dressed. Add on top of that a frank discussion of race and you’ve got Amma Asante‘s Belle. Belle is… Read More

Wherefore Art Thou “Leader”?

President’s Day is a reminder to reflect on history and, of course, on our presidents.  As a woman, I’m rather conflicted on this. It’s not that I can’t identify with any of our leaders or have some sort of crazed “every male leader is irrelevant” mind-set. However, I find it dull from a historian’s perspective.… Read More

The Shining Girls: A Feminist Time Travel Murder Mystery

I picked up this book on a whim while perusing the fiction/scifi section at my local library. I’m not usually one to read murder mysteries or thrillers, so the fact I walked out of the building with this book in hand is a testament to the cover art and book description: In Depression-era Chicago, Harper… Read More

Short Hair with a Long Tale

I recently made the conversion from long hair to short, donating to Locks of Love. Several years back, I cut my hair into a pixie cut after almost ten years of never cutting it above my shoulders. I would not be alone if I were to say that I did it with some trepidation both… Read More