Newly Married: How We Chose a New Last Name

Back in April I penned my first blog post on the frustration I felt when people assume a woman will take her husband’s last name after getting married. Articles on this subject pop up regularly, such as this week’s Mary Sue article on Japanese women fighting to keep their surnames after getting married. One of the biggest hurdles for… Read More

How I Proposed to my Boyfriend

On September 1st I proposed to my boyfriend, and he said yes! (squeals and hugs self). I had been thinking of doing it for a long time. Like a lot of millennial women I question tradition and how gender roles have and should change as we move forward as a society. I think my constant questioning is what… Read More

The Green Bride

   Photo by mensatic It’s wedding season!! When you reach a certain age, summer is less about hanging out at the beach and more about how many of your friends are getting married. This year is an especially big wedding season in my family because my little brother, older sister and I are all getting married within a… Read More