Welcome to Her Story Arc’s dedicated Sailor Moon Crystal page. Are you a long-time Sailor Moon anime fan? Are you a Sailor Moon manga zealot? Or maybe this is your first time watching Sailor Moon? No matter how you came to love Sailor Senshi, we’re glad you found us!

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Reviews (warning – Spoilers!)

Act I: Usagi (Sailor Moon) Aired July 5, 2014

Act II: Ami (Sailor Mercury) Aired July 19, 2014

Act III: Rei (Sailor Mars) Aired August 2, 2014

Act IV: Masquerade Dance Party Aired August 16, 2014

Act V: Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) Aired September 6, 2014

Act VI: Tuxedo Mask Aired September 20, 2014

Act VII: Mamoru Chiba Aired October 4, 2014

Act VIII: Minako (Sailor Venus) Aired October 18, 2014

Act IX: Princess Serenity Aired November 1, 2014

Act X: Moon Aired November 15, 2014

Act XI: Reunion (Endymion)   Aired December 6, 2014

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