How to Avoid Gender Pronouns in Your Writing

Photo by melschmitz Yesterday I began working on my submission for the Feminist Utopia Project (deadline: July 15th) and now I have some serious heartache. My vision is to write a world that has moved beyond our current language heavily steeped in gender binary. But how the heck do I use new pronouns without completely confusing the reader?… Read More

N.K. Jemisin’s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – OMG I love Sieh

  I was inspired to read “the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” after hearing the title repeated over and over again at this year’s WisCon. The tipping point for me was N.K. Jemisin’s guest of honor speech (which you need to read). She is a powerful speaker and a powerful woman, and I knew I had to get my hands on… Read More

‘My Little Pony’ Meets ‘Medusa’

Sony Pictures has awesomely invited Lauren Faust, My Little Pony  creative director and executive producer, to produce a new animated comedic version of Medusa. I have seen (and heard) enough about My Little Pony to have full confidence in Lauren’s ability to turn this very gendered mythological tale on its many-snaked head. Medusa is not one of my… Read More

SFF + Feminism + Happiness = WISCON

WisCon is the world’s leading Feminist Science Fiction Convention – and now I know why! The schedule was packed with events ranging from “How to Ally“, to “Female Sexuality in Rhoda Broughton’s Twilight Stories”, to getting your face painted and watching episodes of Jem until 3 in the morning. But don’t take my word for… Read More

“Historically Accurate Fantasy” Is An Oxymoron

I have never felt comfortable with the  “but it’s historically accurate” defense when faced with blatant sexism in my favorite books, movies, TV shows, Anime, etc. However, I also never felt like I had a good response to the excuse.  I have a very real, very physical reaction to seeing things that are hurtful toward women. They flow directly through… Read More