Take Back the Cloth: Empowerment Through Cosplay

Halloween is around the corner and people are preparing for costumes.  It seems that walking into a Halloween store, however, is indicative of walking into a Victoria’s Secret: scant cloth and seductive poses are all that women often have to choose from.  There is acceptance of objectification of women in the cosplay realm because it’s… Read More

True Stories of Girl Power

Do you have a smartphone? A computer? Anything with a screen that is connected to the internet? Then you need to check this out. The Grassroots Girls Book Club brings the stories of girls around the world to us as graphic novels. These novels are free to view online or even download, ensuring they are as… Read More

Women’s Mags and How They Hurt Us

This gem of a book, “The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media” is the child of the similarly named website, and takes on the challenge of convincing the new or soon-to-be feminist why we need feminism, and reminding the converted they are not alone in the cause. It takes some serious chutzpah to tackle… Read More

We’ve Got To AC-CENT-uate the Positive

 Photo by hotblack If you aren’t familiar with the #NotBuyingIt campaign you simply MUST go and check it out. The campaign has shamed companies into withdrawing products and  spurred national discussion during the Super Bowl. I even donated $50 to their IndieGoGo Campaign for building a #NotBuyingIt App (which I recommend as well!) The success… Read More

When Lots of News is…. Good News! The World Is a Little Less Terrible Today

First, a positive update on the Missing Nigerian Girls. I’m proud to be Minnesotan today. Seeing our representative Amy Klobuchar speaking with Rachel Maddow gave me the warm, political fuzzies. Even better, Nigeria accepted US offers of aide in finding the girls. Now, I am not under the impression that only the US is able to… Read More